Choose Your Own Spring Cleaning Plan

March 18th, 2015 by Frère Realty Team

Home Renovations Galore

March 3rd, 2015 by Frère Realty Team

As some of you may know, over the past 2 years we have been renovating so we thought it might be a cool idea to share our experiences since many of you will have taken on or are thinking about doing renos yourselves.

We had a reno plan set soon after moving, and boy are we ever glad that we didn’t proceed with it. Only after months of living in the space did we realize that we could simply ‘rearrange’ some of the developed areas and re-purpose some rooms, and then add some relatively minor renovations we could have the space set up as we needed. What a lesson!

So off we started…

Kitchen – new cupboards, same counter top, new backspash, same layout

Bathrooms – create larger ensuite, new flooring, heated floor in ensuite and basement BR, new shower in basement BR, make room for W/D in main floor BR

Windows – enlarge front window

Roof – reshingle, add roof section for covered front porch

Satellite – reposition satellites – this had to be done twice since we lost signal after shinglers were done

4 Season Room additions

When you are renovating spaces in a house you live in there are so many new experiences, not the least of which is the constant battle of keeping the floor/rooms clean and coordinating trades to do their work  and making time to meet them on site during work hours. It becomes a bit of a juggling act, the dog wonders what is happening and makes lots of new friends, plans are reworked when you open a wall and find a surprise or two, and you make great friends with those working on your house from the ‘shingle guys’ to the plumber.

We found that important things are to be well prepared, do your homework, be organized, use professionals that you have checked out, and be patient. Focus on renovating the rooms that matter most to the way you live, and make a phased plan to accommodate budget.

Of utmost importance when considering any renovations to a home is to maintain or improve the value of the home, not the opposite. There are limitations to what changes you should consider making to a home in order to accomplish this, too much customization may reduce the home value. Since your home is in most cases your largest asset, taking care to consider its re-sale value is critical. If you are unsure, ask a professional. We have consulted with many of our clients on renovations and floor plans.



What’s Your Realtor Done Lately?

March 3rd, 2015 by Frère Realty Team

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the experience of a Realtor developing, buying and selling their own properties benefits their clients. It’s also a good way for clients to see if their Realtor ‘walks the walk’.
Ask them about their own property history, it’s an important question. If they haven’t done anything lately, it’s something for you to consider.

Real Estate Coffee Talk is now out….

February 9th, 2015 by Frère Realty Team

Here’s the link to the latest newsletter just sent out, be sure to subscribe if you didn’t receive yours!


JF Realty Team’s Real Estate Coffee Talk

Winter Time Idea

January 4th, 2015 by Frère Realty Team

Winter months keep you inside and it’s typically the time when you notice more about your home’s interior features. Maybe it’s time to freshen up the look of your space with a new paint colour, but where to start?

Here are some ideas for paint colours that have stood the test of time:

12 Paint Colours for Your Walls


CIR is Different

December 6th, 2014 by Frère Realty Team

Wow, we really are amazed every day at what a difference it has made for us to work with a company that is so highly aligned with our own personal philosophies.

CIR works like this, the owners believe that whatever they can do to make us better as Real Estate Agents they will try their best to incorporate. Our fees are set at a modest maximum, they don’t receive more fees from us when we have more business, so what is their incentive?

It’s simple, from the early days when Karl Stader started the company, he believed that CIR was about the agents, not him. He infused that culture over the past 30 years with such conviction that now the company simply works that way by default – every single aspect of CIR is focused on providing support for their agents, and this in turn provides support for their clients.

A most stark representation of this was this past week when we took part in an amazing 4 day course on becoming a more effective agent. Four of the 5 CIR Brokers, along with the Professional Development Manager were in and out throughout the four days, and at the end were all present to congratulate each and every one of us (their were over 60 participants, most from CIR).

Again, CIR Realty receives the same amount of fees from us whether we work with 10 people a year or 100, so what is their incentive…. it’s simple, the focus in on the people, and when we focus on people the rest (money) takes care of itself. That is how CIR has grown into a company of over 600 Realtors, and continues to expand.

It feels so good to be a part of a company that is so in line with how we feel as people – and that transfers to all of our work with our clients. Thank you CIR.

Updates Don’t Have to be Expensive

November 26th, 2014 by Frère Realty Team



Growth in Red Deer, Great for Properties

October 29th, 2014 by Frère Realty Team

There are signs aplenty of the growth in Red Deer and that is great news for our clients as it’s a strong indicator for real estate.

New schools are popping up for both Catholic and Public divisions:

Public Schools

Catholic Schools

Real Estate Investors will be please to read this, Red Deer made the Top 10 in the West:

Top 10 in the West

We have a very strong community, growth is great!

New Anti Spam Law

June 28th, 2014 by Frère Realty Team

There is new legislation coming into effect on Tuesday July 1 in Canada that prevents spamming (sending email correspondence to people in order to gain business and without their express or implied consent).

This law will be a way to finally have my own email folder cleaned of all of the marketing that is currently being sent in most cases simply because I bought a product and had to give my email address to them to check out. What a relief, and since I’m happy about it I can only assume others are too.

We’ve always conducted ourselves in business in a ‘do unto others’ manner and in this case that means email messages as well. We haven’t sent out mass emails for some time, believing that if you want information from us, you’ll let us know. Of course there is information that we know will be interesting to some of you, and instead of sending it to a group en masse, we have it available in our Client Resource Section of our website, or post it to Social Media.

We’ll continue this practice and hope that you find some of what we have to share with you of interest, feel free to ask us for information at any time, if we don’t have a resource prepared we’ll develop it just for you!

By the way, there is one email that we send out to all of our clients (people with whom we have bought or sold a property) and that’s our invitation to our Annual Client Appreciation event and is our way of saying thank you to everyone. First we mail out the formal invitation and then follow up by email and this happens every spring. This year’s event was great fun, and next year we anticipate the same, so keep your eyes open for a spring message.

We hope that you agree with our ‘do unto others’ approach to our business, as we all look forward to the near future of No Spam!!

Marketing Your Property

April 28th, 2014 by Frère Realty Team

Have you ever heard a Real Estate Agent tell you that they have a buyer for your property in order to get you to list with them?

Is this in your best interest as a seller?

There are several traditional practices in Real Estate that don’t make sense any more. In today’s information age consumers can access properties accross several platforms and this gives your property tremendous exposure to buyers. In an active market like we see in the Central Alberta area right now, it is not smart business for you to work with someone who is not willing to market your property to the highest number of potential buyers – you pay them a fee for a reason.

If you see that your agent is bringing in only their own buyers, and/or they are having an exclusive Brokerage open house/tour, be sure that you are accepting offers only after the property is actually listed and is live on the local Board so that you know it’s been exposed to all potential buyers. Have your Realtor send you the actual listing, it takes them less than 5 minutes. There is no advantage to you to sell your property after only limited marketing and exposure.

Demand best practice from your Real Estate Agent, be sure they’re working for you and in your best interest.

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